The total package: FIRST® Tech Challenge season is here!

by perducoeducation

FIRST® recently announced the new game for the 2021-2022 FIRST Tech Challenge season, FREIGHT FRENZYSM presented by Raytheon Technologies, and it’s sure to be an amazing display of relevant real-world robotics!

The Kickoff

On Saturday, September 18, robotics teams from coast to coast attended the kickoff virtually, in person, or via their social media feeds as the game was formally announced. The teams learned the important highlights and aspects of the game while enjoying the camaraderie, fellowship, and excitement with the same teams they will be competing against.

The basics of the game:

  • Each team consists of up to two driver/operators, a coach, and a robot.
  • The robot must be built by specified materials and fit into an 18-inch sizing tool but may expand after the game begins.
  • In each match, there are four randomly selected teams. There are two teams per alliance.
  • On one end of the playing field are two alliance-neutral warehouses that are taped off. There are barriers blocking the warehouses that the robots must drive over to get to the warehouses.
  • In the competition, there are two types of freight: 20 pieces of cargo, which are 2.7 inches in diameter, and sixty 2-inch-square boxes of varying weights.
  • Of the 60 there are 30 light boxes, 20 medium boxes, and 10 heavy boxes.
  • The teams must transport the cargo and boxes from the warehouses to the respective alliance-specific storage units on the other end of the playing field.
  • There is a two-minute driver-controlled period as well as a 30-second autonomous period.

Initial Excitement

As with every year, I like to explore the many social media channels to try and gauge the thoughts of teams about the competition. Some teams, such as Robotics 5040, have already been to the drawing board for brainstorming. Other teams, such as Kraken Pinion 8680, have been practicing on the actual playing field.

Here is more of what I found:

I’m sure there are more teams from all over that are generating new ideas, studying, and formulating their plans for FREIGHT FRENZY. One thing I am certain of is that the enthusiasm and excitement will grow and grow as it does every year!

Just in Case

Were you not able to catch the FREIGHT FRENZY release, or do you watch it repeatedly as I do? If you need additional information, you can head over to the FIRST website to check out the amazing release video and explore the game manual.

Never Forget

  • As a friendly reminder, don’t forget that ALL registered teams get 25% off parts from our FTC Team Store.
  • But even better is that this year, to celebrate our 50th anniversary, we’re offering an even BIGGER discount on some select spare parts. Some of our spare parts are currently discounted up to 50% OFF!!!!! ?
  • Enter to win our giveaways this season at
  • And, as always, we love seeing all the fun you are having, so be sure to tag us in your social media posts using @TETRIXRobotics on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Use the hashtag #TETRIXTeams. Thank you in advance! We enjoy everything you all post.



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