What else is new in early learning? Engaging activities for preK-2

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What else is new in early learning? Engaging activities for preK-2

Hi all! If you recall, I recently wrote a blog about our early-learning activity bundles recommended for Grades PreK-2. You know, those fun and engaging activities that really encourage playful learning and organic exploration?

Here are some of the big advantages of activity bundles:

  • Differentiated learning within each lesson and bundle
  • Aligned with standards, including standards for NGSS and Common Core ELA and Math Standards
  • Include cross-curricular activities
  • Many opportunities to expand and modify the lessons
  • Minimal consumable materials
  • Work great in summer camps or after-school environments
  • Two activities and one engineering design challenge included in each bundle guide
  • Enough materials to serve 10-12 students in each bundle

While we have 15 activity bundles to pick and choose from (we wanted you to have variety ?), I want to focus and share with you our five newest bundles that have recently been introduced.

As a quick side note, the original 10 bundles were:

  1. Design and Construction
  2. Float or Sink
  3. Food Web
  4. Forces in Motion
  5. Habitats
  6. Light
  7. Measuring and Graphing
  8. Rhythm and Patterns
  9. Sorting and Categories
  10. Sound

But today, I want to share with you these five NEWEST bundle titles:

1. Animal Structures

We all know this, but kids love animals! With this bundle, students will examine various types of animal structures, investigate human and animal skeletons, and design skeleton art.


The culminating engineering challenge is to brainstorm ideas to create an invention that uses animal traits to solve a human problem.

What type of invention can you think of?

2. Exploring Senses

With this bundle, early learners will explore and investigate their five senses and will use their sense of touch to match objects they cannot see.

The concluding engineering challenge is to design something they can wear to protect them from the environment modeled after an observed animal protection.

What can you think of to design?

3. Life Cycles

In the Life Cycles activity bundle, students will explore the life cycles of different plants and animals to determine how parents and their children are both the same and different and discover the behaviors of parents that help their offspring survive.

At the end of the activities, the engineering design challenge is for the students to design and build an artificial animal habitat using recyclable items.

How would you build a habitat with this challenge in mind?

4. Mass in Movement

With the Mass in Movement Activity Bundle, early learners will explore the effects of mass on the motion of objects, learn about collisions between objects of different masses, and describe the effects of those collisions.

The concluding engineering design challenge is to build a domino drop.

Doesn’t that sound fun?!

5. Weather

With the last one of our new bundles, students will learn all about weather: the types of weather, patterns of weather, and what clothes to wear for specific types of weather.

The culminating engineering challenge is to present a weather forecast and design a structure to protect against the weather.

What’s the best bundle to teach in the middle of winter? This one.

We’re Here for You

As you can see, we have many solutions to help those early learners with robust, fun, and engaging learning experiences.

If you need any assistance picking the right ones for your classroom, we’re here to help! Please reach out to the education advisor for your area and they’ll be more than happy to assist.

At the end of the day, we want to see your students succeed just like you do! Stay safe, be well, and thank you for all you do. You are truly making a difference.

Explore ALL our activity bundles and more online!


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