How to build 64 pages of robots

by perducoeducation

Building a robot is a process. There’s prototyping, testing, and eventually a final product. In fact, its a lot like how we build our catalogs.

Our goal for the catalog project is always to build a top-notch catalog for you – the builders, makers, coaches, and educators. We also know the final design needs to fit within a page count that is a multiple of 16. We start with prototyping to decide where and how the products are displayed and what resources are included, all while watching that page count. Then we go into the testing phase, reviewing our first draft for errors, things that might not have worked as expected, or missing information. Like with any build process, we generally reiterate, making changes to what we identified. After retesting until we’ve met our goal, it’s off to production and then ultimately to your hands (or screen). 

Our final build, the new 2018-2019 Robotics catalog has hit mailboxes across the nation. Did you get yours? If not, it’s quick and easy to download or request a copy now.

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Our latest catalog full of your favorite sets, parts, and some new resources. In the first few pages, look for a checklist on how to get started with robotics in your classroom as well as the ever-popular PRIME vs MAX comparison that can help you decide which platform is best for you.

Find your way to page 46 to see the brand-new TETRIX® MAX Gripper Kit. Our PRIME version was so well-received, we’ve taken all the gripping, grappling, and grasping aspects you love and created a version just right for your MAX robot needs. We’ve also got new MAX axles and stand-off posts on pages 52 and 41 respectively.

And, last but not least, we’re proud to provide new curriculum! The all new PRIME STEM Units make their debut on pages 24-25. The EV3 module and curriculum pack that enable your PRIME building system to connect with your EV3 sets are highlighted on page 26.

If that that’s not enough, find out how to get all the latest big news about Mr. Robot on page 59. Spoiler alert . . . he might or might not be getting a little “work” done ?.

Many of the best robots aren’t built alone, and our catalog crew is much like your classmates or #STEMsquad. Captaining this build was Pitsco’s catalog coordinator Anna and the talented graphic artist Todd. Assisting were graphic artist and cover creator Jason; technical specialists Paul, Tim, and Brian; editors Angie, Corinne, and Jessica; marketing strategists Pam and Ruthie; marketing teams, operations and logistics teams, accountants, customer service and tech support teams, myself, and YOU. Yes, you, because throughout the process we keep your needs, feedback, and opportunities in mind.

We’re excited for you to flip through these 64 pages and hope they inspire you as you create your dream classroom or strategize your next competition robot.

PS: Speaking of new stuff and news, make sure to follow us on our social channel;, Paul and Tim (yeah, those super-smart, cool guys I mentioned before) are always working on something that will change the way you robot. Following us is the fastest way to get the latest news.

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