FIRST® things first: Are you ready?

by perducoeducation

Top 7 things you need for FIRST® Champ

“Remember, if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail.”
– H. K. Williams

Will you be traveling soon to the FIRST Championship in either Houston (April 17-20) or Detroit (April 24-27)? You might be a spectator watching from afar or a fan sitting in the stands supporting your favorite robotics team. But even more exciting, you might be on one of the competing FIRST Tech Challenge teams that has made it all this way. If so, congratulations! That’s something to celebrate.

For the teams headed to FIRST Championship, we have a few quick and valuable reminders to share from our robotics experts at Pitsco. I recently caught up with Tim Lankford and Paul Uttley to talk about things to remember for the final journey to the Moon and back.

So before you blast off:

7.Music is a can’t-miss! Headphones too. Get pumped up, decompress, or focus with your favorite tunes or maybe even an impromptu dance.

6.Snacks are a must!!! Nourishment at the right moment could give you the edge you need. So, stock up on chips, granola bars, candy bars, and all things you deem tasty and delicious. You’ll thank me later.

5.Remember your flair and spirit! Bring your giveaways or flair to trade if you have them. But even more importantly, remember your competitive spirit and your gracious professionalism. Keep in mind that “fierce competition and mutual gain are not separate notions.’’(FIRST)

4.Don’t leave without your tools! If there’s limited space, try to squeeze in a screwdriver, hex key set, and extra nuts and bolts.

3.Pack your spare parts! Make a list of all the parts on your robot that undergo the most wear and tear and plan to bring extras. But if something unexpected happens, dont despair; stop at our TETRIX® booth in the pit area for support.

2.Bring the power! Just like you need snacks, your robot needs nourishment too. Remember to pack plenty of batteries and your charger. Batteries are the lifeblood of the entire robot, so make sure you have some fresh ones that are ready to use. Don't have extras? Order quick!

1.Top priority, whatever you do, please don’t forget your robot. ?

Be sure to follow Pitsco and TETRIX on your favorite social channels! We want to see your teams, so tag us in pictures and use the hashtag #TETRIXteams.

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We hope you’re ready for the upcoming FIRST Championships in Houston and Detroit! Remember to stop by our booth – we love to meet TETRIX teams. If theres anything we can help with, we’re happy to do so. Plus, were unveiling a couple of awesome new parts – you’ll be one of the first to see them!

Good luck on your final voyage in this out-of-this-world competition. Cause a RUCKUS!


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