Big news for little learners – The 2021 Little Book is here

by perducoeducation

Ever heard the saying, “Good things come in small packages”? Well, in this case, great things are in the littlest catalog Pitsco has ever produced – because it contains products for the littlest users we’ve ever served! The inaugural Little Book was launched at the beginning of April, and, with a plethora of hands-on learning products, the book also relays a fresh and fun way to introduce our new solutions that reach pre-K to Grade 2 students.

After 50 years of serving students and educators, we know that hands-on learning prompts the beginning of discovery and exploration among all learners of all ages. Anything hands on in early learning is going to address a child’s perceptual, motor, and physical development, and because hands-on learning is collaborative in nature, collaboration with peers addresses social, emotional, and language development as well. We divided these mental, emotional, and physical skills into seven learning domains and identified which of them align with our products throughout the catalog. Check out the following table for more information regarding the domains as well as the Pre-K and K-2 icons.

CODING for Kiddos!

Penguins, bees, treasure maps – oh my!
Experiencing coding for early learners has never been more fun! Bee-Bots®, Pre-Coding Penguins, and treasure map mats are all products that can spark a child’s interest, and after they see how to use them, they might never want to put them down!

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SENSORY = Stimulating

Boost exploration through all five senses with products such as Illuminated Writing Boards, Glow Pebbles, and Light Up Construction Bricks for interactive play that fascinates children and encourages observatory learning.

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Take the Learning Outdoors!

Laughing, running, jumping . . . building, stacking, painting . . . giggling, throwing, catching . . . .
It’s proven that children learn through doing, and outdoor play enables them to learn in the most physical of environments – outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine! Children can build forts and castles with the STEAM Stack and Build or the Outdoor Construction Kit, become engineers with the Water Channeling Kit, or collaborate with their peers for a relay with the Physical Activity Development Kit. Weather not great outside? Take the fun indoors with the STEM in the Gym™ – Simple Machines Package and show students how a gear works!

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Eager Explorers

Early learners are naturally curious, so let’s provide them the tools needed to investigate, collect data, and share observations – like real scientists! The Easi Scope Microscope and Recordable Magnifying Glass were crafted specifically for young children – from the perfect handheld size to the ease of connectivity, these tools are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

SHOP EARLY LEARNING SCIENCE AND INVESTIGATION hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2781691, '581b2109-b424-459f-880a-49fd0cfd702f', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"});

Spark Their Interest in STEM

Introducing STEM concepts in early elementary not only offers real-world relevancy but also sparks creativity, innovation, and problem-solving that will benefit them for years to come. Large structures, straw rockets, and the STEM Explorer Pack provide students with hands-on learning and collaboration – and, most importantly, FUN!

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Just Hit the EASY Button

Looking for additional ways to supplement your core learning programs? We have you covered. Our early-learning activity bundles and Elementary STEM Units provide everything you need such as materials, curriculum, and storage, which makes implementation a breeze!

SHOP EARLY LEARNING CURRICULUM BUNDLES hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(2781691, '639c3ef2-ed5a-492f-8b08-ec667c694699', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"});


A tidy space that is flexible and developmentally appropriate is one that is most conducive to learning and can have an impact on a child’s classroom experience. Adaptable furniture such as the BuilderSpaces SpacePort and Mobile Storage Unit are perfect additions to any elementary classroom.

Get Your Hands on a Little Book!

If you haven’t seen the catalog in your mailbox, not to worry! You can request a copy to be mailed to you here or check out the interactive digital catalog!



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